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Install Proxomitron To Run With Maxthon Browser

With this setup you do not have to make any changes to Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Connections as the Proxomitron Installation instructions direct you to do. Setting it up as explained here will cause Proxomitron to load each time you run Maxthon. When you exit out of Maxthon Proxomitron will unload.

Step 1

In Maxthon Go to: "Options" -> "Proxy" -> and Left Click your mouse on "Proxy Setup" as shown:

Step 2

Enter data as follows:

  1. "Proxomitron"
  2. "localhost:8080"
  3. Keep selection to "Normal"
  4. Click OK when finished

Step 3

1. This is the window that will appear next. For Windows update to work properly enter the following in the area shown below:


Put one space between each address. You may need to modify these for your specific system. If you need help go here and leave a question in our forum.

2. Hit OK when finished.

Step 4

Next we need to activate Proxomitron as our Proxy. In Maxthon go to "Options" -> "Proxy" and Click on "Proxomitron" as shown:

You have now activated Proxomitron. Now we need to get Proxomitron running on your system.

Step 5

To get Proxomitron to run each time you use Maxthon go to "Tools" -> "External Utilities" -> and Left Click on "Utility Manager"

Step 6

Now click on the green plus as shown:

Step 7

Type "Proxomitron" in the Box that appears and hit the Enter key when finished typing:

Step 8

  1. Left click on Proxomitron to activate the External Utility.
  2. Under command put the path to where Proxomitron is installed on your system. You can click on the three dots as shown to browse for proxomitron.exe
  3. Click on the Box "Start with Maxthon" (make sure a green check mark appears).
  4. Click on the Box "Close with Maxthon" (make sure a green check mark appears).
  5. The window should look like the one below but with the path to proxomitron.exe as it is on your system. Click Ok when finished.

Step 9

Close Maxthon and restart it. Now each time you run Maxthon Proxomitron will launch automatically and be activated. When you close Maxthon, Proxomitron will automatically close.

Proxomitron is a powerful tool and really not for beginners to use. If it breaks pages you can bypass the page by going here and following the instructions.

Frank Broughton
User Assistance Professional (ya right!)

Last Updated: October 6, 2006 0:48 AM

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