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Proxomitron v4.5 with ProxoPatcher 3.4 applied

How To Bypass Particular Web Sites From Proxomitron Filtering (Permanently and Temporarily)

To Bypass a site in proxomitron permanently, follow these steps:

1. Right click on the proxomitron icon on the toolbar:

2. Left Click on "Edit Block Files" :

3. Left Click on "Bypass List.txt" :

4. Add your site to the bottom of the existing sites listed. You do not need to use http:// or www. Put [^/]++ in front of your site and end it with /. I added the site as shown below. Save the file and exit out of your editor.

5. Right click on the proxomitron icon once again:

6. Left click on "Save Current CFG" :

7. Left Click on "Reload Current CFG" :

8. You may have to clear your Internet File Cache. I use Maxthon Browser. Left click on tools:

9. Left click on "Clean System" :

10. Left click on "Clean Cache" : Your cache file will be deleted from your hard disk. It may take a minute or two depending on the speed of you computer and the size of your cache.

When your hard disk activity light on your computer case stops flashing you are finished. You can reload the site you want to go to and proxomitron should not filter the site.

To Bypass a site in proxomitron temporarily, follow these steps:

1. Right click on the proxomitron icon:

2. Left click on "Bypass All Filters" :

3. Go to the site you want bypassed or refresh the site if you are already there in your browser. To turn proxomitron on again, do step one and two once again.

Hope this helps. Proxomitron is a great tool for browsing the internet. I would not be on the net without it!

If you have any questions please email me.

Frank Broughton
Last Updated December 14, 2004


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