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WWIV Bulletin Board System

WWIV is computer bulletin board system (BBS). The WWIV Bulletin Board System was among the most popular dial up computer bulletin board software during the late 1980s through the mid-1990s. The modifiable source code allowed sysops to customize the main BBS program for their particular needs and aesthetics. WWIV also allowed tens of thousands of BBSes to link together, forming a world-wide proprietary networking system, the WWIVnet.

Back yonder Starpoint Technology Station was one of the eighty or so official WWIV support boards. Starpoint Technology Station also was one of the longest running BBS's in the 716 area code. STS was one of the last to shut its doors, even outliving the famed Paragon - the home of IceNET. Starpoint Technology Station was WWIVnet & IceNET node @7672. We averaged 150 to 200 individual phone calls a day on the four phones lines at its zenith in popularity.

Perhaps I shall bring it back to life someday, :) still have the hard drive and 386dx40 MB it ran on. Where is my time machine?

Here are some current internet sites related to WWIV BBS:

(All links will open in a new window and are external to STS)

Eagles Dare WWIV BBS

The History of BBSing Site

WWIV Sourceforge Site

WWIV Wikipedia Site

WWIV Software Support Site

Last updated September 28, 2007


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