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Computer Security

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Free Firewalls

Sygate Personal Firewall
  • Protects against Trojans, spyware, worms and other known & unknown threats
  • Prevents unauthorized or malicious applications from bypassing the firewall
  • Enables even inexperienced users to easily customize and fine-tune security policies
  • Provides best of breed evidence logs for intrusion analysis
  • Easiest-to-use PC firewall and still free for personal/home use
Zone Alarm - ZoneAlarm protects automatically from the moment it's installed - no programming required. ZoneAlarm barricades your PC with immediate and complete port blocking. And, then runs in Stealth Mode to make your PC invisible on the Internet - if you can not be seen, you can not be attacked. ZoneAlarm delivers simplicity without compromising your security. A getting started tutorial explains controls and alerts to get you up and running quickly. And, to keep you confident that you're always protected, intuitive color-coded alerts rate security risks - in real time. For basic, "no frills" firewall protection, ZoneAlarm® is the popular first step for many home PC users. And it's still FREE* for individual & non-profit use.
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