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Add New Email Account To Outlook Express

1. Run Outlook Express, Click on Tools -> Accounts:

2. Click on Add -> Mail:

3. Enter your name you want others to see in the from line of emails you send:

4. Enter your full E-mail Address:

5. Enter your Incoming & Outgoing Mail Server names:

6. Enter your full Email Address (Account Name) & Password:

7. Click on Finish:

8. Click on the account you just entered to highlight it & then click on Properties:

9. Click on the Servers tab. Make sure "My server requires authentication" is checked. Click on the box to activate it if the little green arrow is not shown. Next click on Settings:

10. Make sure "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" is marked. Click on OK.

11. Enter your full email address in the Mail Account section under the General Tab, click OK.

12. Click on Close:

13. All should be working now. Send yourself a test email. If you need help with that, hmmm. Computers are not for you....

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